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Thread "PBX Benefits" Started by yanyan on: 06/09/2021 3:49am
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PBX Benefits
Posted by: yanyan on: 06/09/2021 3:49am
Private Branch Exchange (PBX) telecoms solutions are comprised of on-site hardware which is used to route all calls to and from individual desktop phones through the central connection to the office, otherwise known as the trunk line. The first benefit of a PBX is that employees can make internal calls without having to involve any element of the external network in the process, which reduces the expense of internal communication.

Today, a PBX handles routing automatically. In addition, the bulk of the infrastructure can be hosted off-site, meaning that small businesses can enjoy the benefits of a private PBX in an IP environment without having to make major investments in hardware. By using VoIP, these small businesses will also save on maintenance costs.

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